Full Recap from the A’s Series! Another series win – this is fun!

up, guys – I’m back. Cue the Marshall Mathers gif


It’s been a pretty hectic couple of days in the life of Johnny Pinstripes, but I have returned! Luckily, yesterday was an off-day – so I was able to keep my brain from totally imploding. Never let your brain implode.

Anyways, I’m gonna go through the entire Friday-Sunday series with that lowly team from Oakland.

And we head into DC for a 2 game set with the Nationals tonight! I’m pumped to face off against Bryce, but I’m also a little nervous.

No, not because of the Nationals…because of the Capitals…it looks like it’s the #CapsYear.

For any hockey fans out there, the Washington Capitals and Alex Ovechkin pulled an ’09 A-Rod and are finally coming up clutch in the playoffs. They shocked the hockey world and beat the Penguins in the 2nd Round.

(I would say “the world”, but not enough people in America care about hockey usually, so I had to classify it as “hockey world”)

Sports vibes are strong in the DC area nowadays. I’m ready to smack around the Nats, I just hope they aren’t caught up in the Caps’ fever

SOOO, let’s get to the recap!

Game 1 on Friday Night:

Sonny Gray. I want to love you. I really do…but you make it so damn hard. Stop pitching like such a scrub.

I’m trying to joke about all this, but this could be a serious problem that we need to address soon.

Sonny, it might be time to have an intervention, Ala The Sopranos: Paulie could easily talk some sense into Sonny


5 Innings, 5 ER, 9 Hits, 3 Walks, 2 K’s. NOT GOOD. I’m trying to be optimistic…I keep telling myself that Sonny will figure it out…

But if he doesn’t soon, I’m sure Cashman and the Steinbrenners will have a conversation about what to do.

We fell behind early Friday night, but, thanks to a solo shot by Gleyber (I love you) and a 3 RUN shot by Judge (I love you more), we were only down 5-4 when Sonny got pulled.

Gleyber – you are a young monster. It’s crazy to see how good this kid is and he is only 21!WHAT. Gleyber you are like Ryan Howard from The Office when he goes to corporate…before he got fired for fraud though. Don’t be that version of Ryan


“People keep calling me a “Wunderkind” … I don’t even know what that means. I mean, I know what it means…It means very successful for your age, so I guess it makes sense, but… it’s a weird word.”

(For any non-Office fans, I am NOT talking about Ryan Howard of the Phillies LOL)

Gleyber you are a WUNDERKIND! And Aaron, well you are the fuckin’ best. That is all that needs to be said. What a guy, what a guy.

We were only down 6-5 later in the game, and I was feeling pretty good about our chances.. because we are, ya know, the COMEBACK KIDS.

But, not today. Or should I say “not this day.”?? Because it clearly isn’t Friday, anymore, Okay, excuse my random train of thoughts. Let me continue…

Joyce hit a homer in the 8th and then they really blew it open in the 9th. We were incapable of mounting any sort of comeback and we fell to the damn Athletics 10-5.

It was our first loss in a while, so it was hard to get really upset. But the Sonny Gray problem definitely needs to be monitored for the future…

Game 2:

Wow. Now THIS was a thriller if I’ve ever seen one. Grab some popcorn, maybe a nice cherry slushie, kick back, relax, and enjoy the movie.

Just to be clear, all slushies are delicious. When I go to the movies, I usually rotate between the cherry, blue raspberry, and Coke flavors. But I’m really in the mood for a cherry one today! I should go get one later… *Google nearest 7/11*

Back to Game 2! German was on the bump and everything was lookin’ good early! Gary and Hicksy crushed back to back dingers and all was right in the world.

I was hoping to light my metaphorical cigar and watch a nice Yankees beatdown. Unfortunately, this dream did not become a reality.

The dominoes fell for Domingo in the 4th and he gave up a 3 run HR to Khris Davis and then a 2 run RBI single. They made it 6-2 in the next inning and I was PISSED.

I think I can speak for most of Yankees fans, who were equally as mad. Was this happening? Were we about to lose 2 in a row to the goddamn A’s?!

Now trust me, I am well aware that the MLB season is an up and down ride, with your fair share of losing streaks…

But come on…the A’s?!

Thankfully, the COMEBACK KIDS were out baby! Aaron “What a guy, what a guy” Judge hit a 2 run shot because, as I said before, this guy is UNREAL. He is so damn good, I really am at a loss for words when trying to describe him.

He is a goddman specimen. And he cut their lead to 6-4. And wee did not stop here, as we continued to rally to ruin the A’s Saturday! Back to back RBI singles by NEIL “Doesn’t always Walk” Walker and Miggy “He can DÚ it” Andújar!

Andddd, just like that, the game was TIED! Love it. You can never count this team out.

Just when we look dead, we pull a Jon Snow and awake to fuck shit up.

The 6th, 7th, and 8th, innings came and gone without much drama. We headed into the 9th with Chappie ready and waiting, but oh man, were we in for a shit show…

Chappie usually comes in and gets a K, walks a guy, then gets 2 more K’s. Or, maybe he’ll walk a guy to start the inning, but then get out of it pretty quickly.

So, when he walked his first batter of the ninth, I was not worried in the slightest. BUT, when he walked the second guy, I started to bite my nails a little bit.

When he threw a fucking wild pitch, I kind of wanted to kick in my TV. And when he walked the bases loaded, I REALLY wanted to kick in my TV.

Aroldis Chapman. You never make it easy. Do you, my friend?

Finally, he got a strikeout and they now had the bases loaded with 1 out…

Let the craziness begin. The next batter hit a short pop-out to Gardy and I was feeling good about it. I thought to myself “that isn’t too deep, they’re not gonna try to run on Gardy.”

But, they did run on Gardy…

After Gardy made the catch, while running in by the way, he launched it to Gary to try and nab Olson at the plate… but it was too late. He slid past Gary, who made a last ditch effort and tried to tag him after he already passed by.

And the A’s scored. Fuck. But…wait…DID HE GET HIM?!

Holy shit I think he got him!! That is what everyone in Yankee Stadium was thinking after the replay was shown – CHALLENGE IT BOONE!!

And after review, HE’S OUTTT! Un fuckin believable. Gary was able to justttt barely tag the back of Olson’s jersey before he touched the base! Amazing, amazing play.


Oh, and Jomboy’s reaction was absolutely priceless. Ya really can’t beat that.


Other possible reasons for his reaction?

  • He just watched Star Wars for the first time and learned Darth Vader was Luke’s father
  • He watched the “Red Wedding” in Game of Thrones
  • He saw a Steph Curry half-court shot
  • (I could go on and on but I want to keep recapping this series)

Classic Chapman, again, for giving us a heart attack, but getting out of it. Even though he wasn’t the savior this time around.

But, then we went down 1-2-3 in our half of the 9th. So, FREE BASEBALL.

AJ Cole walked his first two batters of the top of the 10th and everybody and their mothers was thinking “oh hell nah, not again.” Thankfully, he figured it out and retired the next 3 guys. And also the next 3 guys he saw in the 11th!

Great for us, because our bats were cold as hell. So we headed to the 11th and I was ready for this game to be done. Well, call Dumbledore over because it was time for some MAGIC! Jeez, that was corny as hell. Sorry guys

I was about to erase that Dumbledore line, but fuck it. I’m keeping it in. Sue me!

Quick rundown: Didi fly-out, Giancarlo walk, Gary fielder’s choice, and then a Hicksy walk moved Gary to 2nd.

Oh my god…here he comes…NEIL WALKER!

Can he do it?! Is he going to be the hero?! Spoiler alert: HE WAS

First bitch of the at-bat, BOOM – a single to center! Is Gary going to score? YES HE IS. Because the dumbass A’s centerfielder launched a moon-shot that had more of a chance of hitting a cloud then reaching home plate.

Seriously, he rocketed that ball straight into the sky..

NEIL WALKER! HE DOESN’T ALWAYS WALK! HE’S CLUTCH! And just like that we win 7-6…what a game. Like I said, a real thriller

Before I get to the final game of the series, let’s hear a little Magic Moment…


Side note: Tommy K. I love the enthusiasm, guy, but please don’t kill Neil. He’s way too clutch right now. Also, come back ASAP.


First off, I didn’t tweet this out on Sunday, but I hope all you moms out there had a Happy Mother’s Day! You are the best!

By the way, big fan of the pink in our uniforms.

We rewarded our moms out there with a nice comfortable victory! No sweating it out until the end, like Saturday…

This game was in our control the whole way through – which was definitely a much needed break

Sevy pitched great because he’s Sevy – the man is an ACE.

6 IP, 5 Hits, 1 ER, 2 walks, 7 K’s..He is now 6-1: Hey Cy, Sevy is coming for your trophy this year, baby! LET’S GO


After a 2 run single in the first (and a RBI single by Hicksy too), he crushed a homer in the 5th. The Terminator is locking in! All opposing pitchers, Giancarlo has a message for you: You’re fucked….

G was 4 for 4 on Sunday was 3 RBI – BIG day for the big guy!

Like I said, Hicksy had a RBI single and he also got a RBI off a fielder’s choice. Judge added a RBI single to cap off our scoring because he never wants to feel left out.

Aaron is now batting .311 with 11 home runs, 46 hits, and 35 RBIs this year. Holy shit. Sophomore slump? Nah, no way. He is UNREAL. What a guy, what a guy

Like I said, this game was pretty simple from the get-go. After Sevy, Chad Green, Dellin, and Shreve did their jobs and we won 6-2!

That is ANOTHER series win for this squad. Call up King George, we’ve been winning more than the 13 colonies!

But, all joking aside, I love this team. It has been an awesome start to the year and I cannot wait for more.

We are 28-12 and with the Boston loss on Monday, we now stand alone in first place. Best record in baseball.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 12.37.12 PM.png

Like I’ve said before, wayyy too early to get overly excited. But it still is a beautiful sight to behold: The Yankees in first place.

Sooo, just to repeat, tonight we start a quick 2 game set in the nation’s capital.

Hopefully the Caps Year fever won’t get in the Nationals’ heads. Let’s march through this one real quick and then we head onto Kansas City and Arlington!



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