FULL Mets Recap! Another series win (big surprise)

The Mets are such scrubs. It’s embarrassing that we have to share a city with them. On second thought, I don’t really mind it.

Just because taunting Mets fans and commenting on their inferiority never gets old. There are always moments when the Mets shows flashes of promise and their fans freak out. Like FREAK OUT.

Media members are also known to freak out and overreact in these situations. They’re so quick to proclaim a potential “changing of the guard” in NY baseball…”Is the Yankees’ reign in New York baseball over? Are the Mets the kings of the city?!”

Here’s a little spoiler-alert for all you idiot media members who say this shit. The Mets will NEVER be “the team” in this city. This is our city. Even if (and this is a HUGE if) the Mets somehow win a World Series, New York will not suddenly become a “Mets town”.

We have 27 World Championships. We are the best team in the world. And the loser Mets will never take that title over… No matter what.

Honestly, I don’t know why I just ranted about all that. I’m speaking to an entire Yankees audience! It’s not like I need to convince you guys that we’re better than the Mets – you guys know that lmao.


Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to escalate things and go on a huge rant. Won’t happen again! Just kidding, it probably will. You guys know that when I feel the need to rant, I will rant.

Anyways, let’s recap this weekend’s Mets series!

Game 1:

I hate Interleague play. Well, let me re-phrase…

I actually really enjoy playing National League teams. It gives us a chance to battle some competition that we don’t get to see too often.

But you know what I do hate?! I HATE MAKING PITCHERS BAT!

It’s fucking ridiculous. Having the DH in the AL and no DH is the NL is so damn stupid. Apologies, it is time for another rant again. But this one is justified.

It is so frustrating to not have the two leagues united with the same rules. Personally, I love the DH, but I have friends who like having pitchers hit, because it adds strategy to the game.

I totally understand where they’re coming from. It definitely adds a different element, when you have to pinch-hit for a pitcher and then strategize about next steps.

Who’s coming out of the bullpen? Who will pinch hit for that bullpen arm? I get it…

My problem is having different rules for the two leagues. The DH should be league-wide, or pitchers should be batting league-wide.


Well, because our pitchers do not have as much practice batting. Or running the bases. And this lack of practice could lead to injuries…like what happened to Masa on Friday night. More on that in a little bit.

The game started with a classic Tanaka moment. He gave up a lead-off home run. I haven’t checked the actual stats, but our guy Masa definitely has to be one of the league leaders in lead-off home runs since he came to the Majors. So, 1-0 Mets.

For the next few innings, our guy dueled off with a potential future Yankee? A guy can dream…there is a slight chance that we will trade for Jacob DeGrom. That would be absolutely wild.

For the meantime though, DeGrom was DEALING. It was tough to mount any sort of offense, until the 6th…

Tanaka got onto base after an error by Adrian Gonzalez. Oh shit. I started to panic. Flashbacks of Chien-Ming Wang flooded by brain. I HATE having our pitchers run the bases. I would have preferred Tanaka to ground out, as crazy as that might sound.

After a Gleyber single and a Gardy walk, Judge strutted to the plate with the bases loaded. I was praying for a grand slam…not because I wanted us to be winning 4-0 (which would obviously be nice).

But I did not want Masa to be forced into a situation where he might have to run hard. Of course, I did not get what I wanted. Judge hit a fly ball to right and Tanaka prepared to tag up.

Part of me wanted Phil Nevin to hold our guy at third, but we’re trying to win baseball games, after all.

After the catch was made, Tanaka sprinted for home and then did an awkward half-slide, deciding against really sliding. The run was scored but the damage was done.

Tanaka left the game immediately after, due to apparently pulling both of his hamstrings. Well, technically it was “hamstring stiffness,” but it basically means the same thing. He was subsequently placed on the 10-day DL. I hate having our pitchers bat!! Have I said that before?

Fucking sucks.

Tanaka’s stat line before exiting the game?

5 IP, 1 hit, 1 ER, 1 walk, 8 K’s.

Yup, thats right. The only hit that Tanaka gave up was that leadoff homer. The man was ON FIRE. And we lost him in the middle of this game because of the stupid rule of having no DH in the National League. Ridiculous. Major League Baseball needs to make a change

This totally sucked, but our guys had to pull through and win this game. Holder and Chad Green pitched shutout innings as we headed to the 8th…Guess what happened?



A two-run shot for everyone’s favorite shaved headed lunatic and we now had a 3-1 lead! LET’S GO


After this, Betances pitched a 1-2-3 8th inning, looking like the Dellin of old.

In the 9th, we got some GIANCARLOOO!


The Terminator, himself, wanted to add a little bit of his own touch to the Gardy Party! It’s basically like he discovered a new spinach dip recipe, tried it out, and brought it over to the party at Gardy’s house. Well Giancarlo, I am a big fan of some spinach dip. Especially when that dip gives us a 4-1 lead.

Chappie got us the save and the dub, but not before giving up a single and then a fielder’s choice grounder (the last one not being his fault). Another Classic Chappie save!

It was a nice win though, especially after losing our starter because of the fucking stupid no DH rule.

Game 2:

Let me start off with this:

I like Germán. I think he has shown flashes of great potential. But, at the same time, we cannot rely on a guy like this down the stretch. He is wayyy too inexperienced.

That inexperience was on display Saturday night, when he gave up two home runs, real fucking quick. One of these dingers was to our old fan favorite, Todd ‘Toddy Boy” Frazier. I’ve actually never called him “Toddy Boy”, but I didn’t want to say “Toddfather.” Shit, I just said it.

Hey did you guys know Todd Frazier is from Toms River, New Jersey? Feel like that’s a little known fact..


So, we started off down 3-0…not a big deal.

We’re the Yankees, remember? In case you forgot.

The good news it that Germán settled down and pitched 5 shutout innings, after his 3 run first. This is my point! He has shown flashes of great pitching. But, starting a game off down 3-0 is never good.

Thankfully, giving up all of these runs in the 1st inning gave us perfect time to chip away against these loser Mets.

Our scoring started with a 406 foot solo shot…



This kid is so so so so soooo good. That is my expert analysis right there.

Then, Jomboy posted this gif not long after the Gleyber homer.


Very prophetic on Jomboy’s part. Let’s shift to the 6th!

After a Giancarlo ground out and a Gary walk, Miguel “He can DÚ anything because he is the man” Andújar walked to the plate. Down 3 to 1. And what does he do? This.



Just like that, the game was tied at 3. All thanks to these two rookie PHENOMS: Gleyber and Miggy. I love these two guys. Check out these stats.



Incredible. Simply, incredible.

After Germán’s day was doneso, D-Rob pitched a shutout 7th. As we shifted to the 8th, I started to wonder if we’d maybe be having another classic extra-inning game. We’ve had so many extra-inning games to start this season.

That is not necessarily a bad thing. Because, ya know, FREE BASEBALL. Remember:  anything free in life is good. Free t-shirts at games, free food at parties, free alcohol at these same parties.

BUT, that doesn’t mean I always want free baseball. Thankfully, I did not have to worry about that on Saturday night. Why?



Of all the players I love on this team, this guy is my favorite. (If you did not realize that already)

So Aaron gave us a 4-3 lead, just like that. Remember when everyone was freaking out in the first fucking inning? When we were down 3-0 because of Germán? Yeah, I do too.

People like that need to CALM DOWN. It was the first inning! You seriously don’t have faith in this team to score 3-4 runs in the next 8 innings?! Come on now… 3 runs for a team like us is child’s play.

Now, I know that we only scored a total of 4 in this game, but that is just because we didn’t want to show off too much. We didn’t want to make the Mets look THAT bad. I understand.

Betances pitched ANOTHER 1-2-3 8th inning, just like the night before. Oh baby, this guy is looking more and more like his old self. I don’t want to speak too spoon (and I just knocked on some wood), but it is great to see! We miss you Old Dellin!


Welcome back. Hopefully.

And for the second night in a row, we got another Classic Chappie performance. What a surprise!

A walk, two strikeouts, another walk, and then a fly out! 17th save for Chappie and another series win for us! LET’S GO!

Game 3:

And now, we arrive at the final game of this Subway Series. Spoiler alert, it was not as fun as the other two. But, we still won the series, so that is the important thing to remember.

As the Kings of New York, we have to look out for our loyal subjects (i.e. the Mets). Because of this, we sometimes have to make sacrifices in order to keep our subjects happy and prevent them from rioting.

In other words, I think we might have given them this Sunday game – just to make them feel a little bit better about themselves. I don’t necessarily support it, but I see why we did it.

Okay, totally kidding here. Obviously, we’re not going to win every single game. It was just unfortunate that it came in Sevy’s start.

Being 9-1, I pretty much assume that every game that Sevy starts is a guaranteed LOCK. And it’s not like he was bad on Sunday!

5 IP. 5 hits, 2 ER, 7 K’s.

The only big hit he gave up was a homer to the Toddfather. This was the second homer against us for Toddy Baby this series. He clearly has a chip on his shoulder facing off against us. I miss you, Todd.

It was tough seeing Sevy get pulled after 5 innings, but I think Boonie just felt it was a perfect time, since he threw 93 pitches. In a playoff scenario, of course Sevy would pitch the 6th inning.

Like I said earlier, it was unfortunate that Sevy took a loss in this game. But he has been so damn good, it’s tough to be upset. And he wasn’t bad! Giving up one 2-run homer is NOT BAD AT ALL.

Seth Lugo just happened to be even more dominant on this day. Oh well. I totally expected us to come back and get the dub. But it wasn’t meant to be.

It was nice to see Shreve, Warren, and Holder pitch shutout ball after Sevy’s night was done.

No matter, we’re ALL GOOD. 2 out of 3 at Citi and now we begin a quick 2-game set at the Stadium versus the Nationals.

Is Bryce getting a little taste of his next home ballpark? Ehh, probably not. I don’t think we’re getting him anymore, but hey! It’s still possible!

Will the Nats be bringing in any of that #CapsYear mojo from the newly crowned Stanley Cup Champions?! I sure hope not…

Let’s get a nice win tonight! CC on the bump!


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