Finally done with the Nats: First (half) game was stupid. Second one was great!

We are finally done playing the Nationals! Honestly, I’m pretty happy about it.

Besides all these rain-out and rescheduled games, they have been a tough competitor and I’m glad to be rid of them. They’re like a pesky neighbor who continues to barge in and cause trouble. So, basically Kimmy Gibler from Full House.Or Steve Urkel from Family Matters. Both very applicable


Take this analogy for example:

The Nationals (our annoying neighbor) invited us over for a BBQ last month. It turned out to rain on BBQ day, so the event was cancelled…perfect! Now we don’t have to waste our time at their house.

But, a few weeks later, picture the Yankees planning a party of their own – a big, elaborate bash. Well, now we would feel guilty if we don’t invite the Nationals. So we concede. They are our neighbors after all and, if they saw us throwing a party, they would definitely get their feelings hurt.

So, being the caring and thoughtful Yankees, we promptly invited them over to the party at our house (Yankee Stadium), hoping that this reciprocation would be a sufficient solution.

But, you’ll never guess what happened next!

These annoying ass neighbors had the AUDACITY to say “oh hey neighbor, thanks for the invite! Since the original BBQ got rained out, why don’t you make the trip back over to our house for a second BBQ?! You guys will love it! 

Damnit, Nationals! We don’t want to go back to your house…you guys suck. But, unfortunately, we did.

Okay, that was kind of a long analogy but I took my time with it. So you guys better appreciate it!

Now, let’s recap that annoying half-game and then the real game afterwards…


Okay, FUCK that half game. That was so damn stupid.

Starting a game a month later, with a 3-3 score in the 6th inning? Just because the scoreboard says 6th inning doesn’t mean the players feel that way.

Hey, MLB! Don’t you realize that our team is a late-inning/comeback team? You cannot expect us to only play 3 innings and consider it fair! That’s bullshit.

We need to find our groove before kicking the shit out of teams.

All kidding aside, starting a game halfway through is stupid and annoying. It’s not a true measure of a real baseball game, nor anything we might have to deal with in the playoffs, so I don’t really care that we lost

(Some of you might be saying that this could happen in the playoffs…No way. If Boone complained about that ESPN Sunday Night game, he for sure would freak out over this. And we would get our way, because we are the damn Yankees.)

One thing is for certain – Juan Soto has the potential to turn into a real Yankee Killer. Like on the Manny Ramirez level. *Shudders*

Thankfully, this dude is playing in the National League, so we won’t be facing him too often in his career. But if he moves into the AL East, or just the American League overall, oh shit.

Sooo, yeah, I pretty much want to gloss over this half-game. Soto hit a 2-run homer, our bats didn’t do anything, and we lost 5-3. Doesn’t matter. Stupid game.

Now let’s get to the full game. The REAL game. Ya know, the game that actuallyconsisted of nine innings? Yeah, that game.

A LOT of good to take away from in this 4-2 win. Where to start, where to start?



How about, Giancarlo!

Not only did he get a RBI single in the first, but added a BIG RBI double in the 7th! 4 for 5 and 2 RBIs for The Terminator. This was a big game for him – he desperately needed a performance like this.

Soo, I basically alluded to the fact that Giancarlo drove in 2 of the 4 runs…the other 2? They came off the bat of one, Mr. Aaron Hicks!



The guy who is constantly criticized has been on fire as of late! In his late 16 games, Hicksy is batting .291, with a .961 ops and 4 HR, 10 RBI, and 10 runs. There we go, Hicksy!

Also, this moment between Sonny and Hicksy was priceless.


Ay, Sonny! The first run scored of your career!

So, that was the entirety of our scoring last night…

As for Sonny, he wasn’t “super dominant on-the-road Sonny.” BUT, he also wasn’t “super bad at home Sonny.”

He was just Sonny Gray. On the road. Not too good, not too bad:

5 IP, 6 hits, 2 ER, 1 walk, 7 K’s

The problem is that he gave up a walk and single in the 6th and was promptly pulled. But (GREAT SEGWAY), this opened the door for Jonathan Holder to slam it in the faces of the Nationals!

HOLDER! Man, this guy has been super dominant this year. For a guy who was pretty shaky last year, damn, he has been a pleasant surprise.

You know when he last gave up an earned run?! APRIL 6TH. Are you kidding me? And he’s currently brandishing a 2.19 ERA. Holder, you are killing it, my friend.

Last night he retired the Nats in order 1-2-3, saving Sonny’s ass, and stranding them at first and third! Let’s go!

D-Rob appeared in the 7th and did his job pretty damn well too, besides one walk. THEN, we get to Dellin!

I’ve been saying it for weeks now – Dellin is SOOO BACK. And he really is.

The dominant Dellin that we have come to know since 2014, when he started his consecutive All-Star Game streak, is back in full force. And he also looks poised to make a 5th straight ASG!

He struck out Rendon, Soto (Fuck Soto), and Reynolds like it was NOTHING.

And lastly, Chappie came in. Wanting to return things to normal, he did not have a 1-2-3 save. Instead, he returned to a Classic Chappie performance. AKA: Making both himself and us sweat profusely.

He gave up a lead-off double before getting a strikeout…then he walked a guy.

A base-hit and a walk?! Classic Chappie! As he continued to make us sweat, he struck out Eaton, before the final batter reached the plate.

With a 2-2 pitch, Turner knocked the ball to DEEP right. Ah shit. Is it gonna go over Judge’s head?!


Because this is Aaron Judge we’re talking bout.


What a guy, what a guy.



All in all, a pretty solid victory!

Now, we’re finally done with the Nationals for this year! Thank god, because I was getting real damn tired of seeing Juan Soto.

Now, we shift back home to face off against a real surprise of this 2018 baseball season: the Seattle Mariners.

46-26 and no Robinson Cano. They have been very, very good.

Well, let’s CRUSH their spirit and beat the shit out of them!

Let’s DO ITTT!


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P.S. Oh, and this is the other amazing catch that Aaron made last night. Because he is, totally and completely, the MAN.

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