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Didi’s a LUNATIC! 7 IN A ROW

Holy shit. Sir Mariekson Julius Gregorious. Known as Didi. Born in Amsterdam, raised in Curaçao.

You are UNREAL. We are not worthy


In a 3-3 game in the 10th inning, Didi CRUSHED a solo home run to give us the lead and, eventually, the victory!

How clutch is this man?! Seriously, words cannot describe how good he has been for us. I don’t even really know what to type about him. I’ve literally said it all before – he’s so damn good.

To make it even better? He got a curtain call…in Anaheim. A ROAD CURTAIN CALL?!

WHATTTTT. That’s like walking into your neighbor’s house, going straight into their kitchen, and drinking directly from their carton of milk – total boss move.

Who gets a road curtain call? Sir Didi Gregorious, that’s who! I know it is not even May, but this makes me think about alot of things. Didi is playing so out of his mind right now…so does he have a chance?

No, I’m not talking about the MVP race, ya dummies! Right now, Didi is firmly in front of  Aaron Judge for my “First Born Son” challenge. It has been a back and forth race, but as we are about to head into a new month, it looks like Didi has won Round 1.

Soo, yes, Didi gave us a massive road victory against the Angels. That is now seven in a row and we are rolling more than a 21 year old at an EDC music festival.

Not too many runs were being scored last night, so we had to take advantage of as many opportunities as we could.

Our 3 runs before the homer were all on sac flys, thanks to Hicksy, Neil “Start playing better” Walker, and Brett “Always Intense” Gardner.

Sevy was good, but not normal Sevy good. A start like this would be what we need from Sonny, but at least Sevy kept us in it. Yes, I’m going to keep calling out Sonny until he gets his shit together.

Ohtani drilled a homer off Luis, but big deal! He might be good, but he’s also a mentally weak scrub who was afraid of playing on the Yankees. But damn, it would have awesome to watch him face off against Masa. I really hope we get to see that this season.

Holder (really), D-Rob, and Chappie shut down the Angels for the rest of the game – is this the new BIG 3? LOL, not likely, but that was a bold move by Boone to go with Holder in the 8th. He’s so unpredictable and he could have blown the game wide open there.

Great win, though! I’m so amped up right now for more Yanks baseball!


We’re shooting for 8 in a row in a few hours…LET’S GO YANKS

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