CC was DEALING! Miggy crushed a GRAND SLAM! And Hicksy added to the fun!

Fun game! This was just a nice, solid ballgame overall.

We had great starting pitching, clutch hitting, and then a solid bullpen. That’s pretty much a winning formula when executed perfectly.

Last night, CC “The Big Guy” Sabathia was BALLING. The man turned back the clock to 2009-2010 CC and dominated the scrub Blue Jays. Well, maybe that it isn’t right. Because CC isn’t the hurler that he was back in those days. Let me rephrase…

CC turned back the clock to 2017 and April 2018 CC. The grizzled veteran who relies on finesse as opposed to power. There, that works!

After a few starts where he struggled a bit, our 37-year old veteran got things back under control in a pretty flawless start.

7 IP, 3 hits, 2 ER, 1 walk, 6 K’s. 2 solo home runs were the only scoring for Toronto.

They only got 1 hit off our guy besides those dingers.


By the way, this game FLEW by. It wrapped up in just over 2 and a half hours, which is pretty damn abnormal. (If you’re actually interested, it was 2 hrs, 38 mins.) Having no runs score until the 6th inning will do that to you.

When they hit that solo shot off CC in the 6th, I was prepared to freak the fuck out. Maybe bodycheck a DJ, if I was feeling extra feisty. Not that I was at a club or anything. I was sitting at home eating a cheeseburger.

But, bodychecking a DJ seems like a great way to relieve some stress. Anyways, I will digress.

I was starting to envision the possibility that we would be shut out. And good, jolly old CC  was going to take an L after only giving up 1 run. I would not have been a happy camper.

Mainly because I’m 23 and haven’t attended any sort of camp since LeBron James was on the Cavs in his first tenure…

But, I would have been extremely annoyed if we lost this game and spoiled a gem of a start by Carsten Charles.

Thankfully, a fellow 23 year old, by the name of Miguel Andújar had other ideas. Celebrating his Jordan Year like the legend, himself.


Okayyyy, it is time to rally!

Stallone, switch that cap around. It’s rally cap time


Thanks, Sly.

The 7th inning started with a single by Gary, followed by Didi getting hit by a pitch after pulling back on a bunt attempt. Then, Hicksy stepped to the plate and had a great at-bat, working a walk to load the bases.

Finally, Miggy Andújar stepped to the plate…no place to hide for Seung-hwan Oh, the Blue Jays pitcher.

Ya can’t walk him, ya can’t pitch around him – what are ya gonna do, Oh?!

First pitch to Miggy…BOOM!




Holy shit. What a bomb. Andújar launched the first grand slam of his career 426 feet, and gave us a 4-1 lead in the process.

Just. Like. That.

He wasted no time at the plate – saw the first pitch and walloped it to straight-away left field. Amazing.

I know that I always compliment Gleyber for being special, and apologies for sounding cliché, but Andújar is just as special. This kid is GOOD. Well, he’s not just good, he is fucking amazing.

In his last 18 games, he is batting .368 with 13 extra base hits, 13 RBIs, and 12 runs scored. Wow. Not to mention, he is batting .305 with 7 home runs, 58 hits, and 26 RBIs on the year.

How lucky are we? To have two rookie stud infielders in Gleyber and Miggy?! Doesn’t get much better than that.

Switching back to the game, you know what the best part is??

I didn’t have to go out and find a DJ to bodycheck! I was able to stay home and continue being lazy!


CC gave up another solo shot in the 7th (which I touched upon earlier), but that wasn’t a big deal. He retired the next two batters and finished up his start in line for the win.

And we did not disappoint him!

Aaron “Stop Hating on Me” Hicks, as he probably calls himself, stepped to the plate with Giancarlo and Didi on base. Wanting to join Miggy in the ‘Homers of the Night’ Club, he launched an opposite-field shot for our squad to go up 7-2!



Great dinger! Oh and D-Rob caught the ball in the bullpen! Just to add to the fun! HAHA I love it. A pretty boring game, with no scoring, turned real fun, real quick. The late inning Yankees! Never count us out!

Speaking of the culprit who caught Hicksy’s home run, D-Rob retired the Blue Jays in order in the 8th. Then, Shreve followed suit in the 9th and that was the ballgame! 7-2 WIN.

Sorrey, Toronto! We beat you silly hosers in your home ballpark, eh?


(I googled and discovered that “Hoser” is a Canadian term for an unsophisticated person. BOOM. ROASTED)

Sooo, Sonny is on the bump tonight. I’m trying to remain positive but, just to be safe, let’s drop a nice 10-burger on the Jays…

Sound good?


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