Annoying Loss – But, onto the next one!

Well, that game was frustrating. Early on, it looked like it was going be a nice, easy 2-game sweep against the Nats.

I’m not saying I was lighting my cigar in the 3rd inning, but I was definitely feeling pretty good. But NO! I was not pulling a Jerry Seinfeld.


Just wanted to make that clear.

Now, Sonny Gray wasn’t bad last night. But he also wasn’t good. And Sonny, we really need you to start being good more often, guy.

What the fuck is up with this guy at home? He has been pretty trash, overall. It’s not too often that athletes perform better on the road, than in their home stadiums.

This is something that we call an outlier in the biz. That’s a Big J Journalist word: “Outlier.” Keep it in mind.

But all joking aside, Sonny’s performance at home this year has been more frustrating than the non-stop “Call up Andújar” Twitter people from last year. And THAT was becoming borderline insufferable.

With first and third and nobody out in the top of the 1st, things were looking pretty bad for Sonny, right out of the gate. Miraculously, though, he held them to only a sac fly run. All things considered, this was great to see – witnessing Sonny pitch his way out of trouble. (I’ll get to his full performance a little bit later).

Our half of the first inning started with everyone’s favorite type of party: A GARDY PARTY!

Gardy made it to first with a single, then stole second, and then advanced to third after the throw skipped into center field.

GARDY – doing it all on the basepaths! Judge drove him home with a sac fly of our own and the game was knotted at 1.

In the second, a slumping slugger desperate for a big knock delivered…no, I’m not talking about Didi!


GREG BIRD! A solo shot to take the lead! Attaboy Greg!

I believe you can fly! I believe you can touch the sky! I think about it every night and day! SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND FLY AWAYYYY

Excuse my momentary lapse as I sang “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly. Well, it’s not actually the authentic song, since I changed out “I” for “you”…just saying.

In the 3rd, we got a nice RBI single from GIANCARLOOO The Terminator! The man is a machine! Both figuratively and (probably) literally. I’m still working on discovering the truth about him being an actual cyborg (stay tuned…)

We had a great thing going – a run every inning? Who doesn’t like that?

And for the past two innings, Sonny was looking solid. Unfortunately, things started going downhill in the 4th.

After getting two quicks, we looked golden in the 4th. But after a walk and a single, the Nats’ 19 year old phenom, Juan Soto stepped to the plate.

NINETEEN? Since when are guys playing in the Bigs at fucking 19! Actually, I’m pretty sure Bryce Harper was 19 when he started his Washington career, as well. What is the deal with these Nationals players making it to the Bigs at such a young age?

It’s probably because their team is always so bad, that they need to rush their top minor leaguers to the League as soon as possible! Okay, they actually aren’t a shitty team. I’m not trying to fire any shots, I’m just heated we lost this game.

I’m EVEN MORE heated about this goddamn homer Soto hit. A few minutes before, it looked like Sonny was going to get a 1-2-3 inning.

Then, this kid Soto hits an opposite field pop-up that first looked like it was going foul. Then, when it was clear it was staying in-play, it looked like it would be an easy catch for Gardner.

BUT, this fucking baseball kept carrying. And carrying. And CARRYING. Until it made over the left field fence.

WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK?! How the hell did that ball make it over the fence?! That is easily one of the most bizarre home runs that I have seen in all my years watching baseball.

And just like that, we’re down 4-3. Shit. 

And I still can’t believe that Juan Soto is 19 years old and hitting Major League home runs. Do you know what most 19 year olds are doing in America?


That’s right, getting drunk at frat parties.

But this kid is taking the lead against the Yankees and pissing all of us off. I blame you, Sonny. That was a bullshit home run, but I need to take my anger out on somebody.

It ended up being a futile effort to win this game, but one man tried to will us back! Not just a man…a kid! I can basically call him a kid because he is younger than me. He might not be as young as Soto, but he’s still really damn young!



The 12th dinger of his very young and bright career. You know what I’m about to say…

This kid is UNREALLLL. But he really is.

But, unfortunately, it didn’t matter in the end…because of (once again) Juan “How is he this good at 19” Soto. His second home run was a no-doubter. A bomb.

Why the hell did Boone keep Shreve in for a second inning of work? He’s been much better dealing with the bullpen recently. For example, he has stopped having Dellin pitch for two innings and guess what? Dellin has been great!

Trotting Shreve out there for his second inning of work was so damn dumb. Our bullpen was totally rested. It’s clear that he is trying to save as many arms as possible for Germán’s start tonight and Johnny Lasagna’s start on Friday..but still…That was a bad idea letting Shreve pitch in the 7th, Boone.

And alas, that was the end of the scoring for both teams. Jeez, why am I starting to say “alas” again? I thought I had moved past my Shakespeare phase in these blogs. Sorry, guys, I’ll try to curtail that talk in the future… (but really, I probably won’t)

D-Rob and Holder kept us within one, but we weren’t able to mount a comeback. Oh, well.

Hopefully we can get some revenge on the Nationals on Monday. Remember, we have to finish up the suspended game against them and also play a full-makeup, both back in their stadium. Let’s beat the shit out of ’em and win both!

Tonight starts this 4-game set at home against Tampa Bay. Is it crazy if I’m expecting a 4 game sweep?? Honestly, it is not crazy. But I’ll also try to be a tad more realistic.

I’ll begrudgingly take 3/4, but nothing worse than that!

Let’s start tonight off with a WIN!


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