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A Bunch of Licking Idiots

A bunch of licking idiots

When we started Talkin' Yanks our goal wasn't to go around and lick everything. If it was, that would have been such a dumb route to take just to lick things. 

This is where we have found ourselves though. 

It started last offseason when Jake said Bird would go 0/10 off Miller and needed to be pinch hit for. I bet him that if Bird homered off Miller he would have to lick his dog's butt (tail up).



You know what happened next. 



Next, I protested Chasen Shreve being on the team after he gave up a walk-off home run after throwing just ONE PITCH. My form of protest.... licking sand. 




 Shreve stayed on the roster. 





We have just finalized the third act of our sand licking antics. Our writer, Rob Rosene threw this tweet out before a July 24th Tanaka start. 


 Tanaka's line that day?

complete game shutout. 3 hits. 0 homers. 


Then Rob pivoted because he decided he was terrified of leprosy, which... I don't know, I've always been a don't knock it til you try it guy but Rob can do what he wants. 

He wanted to lick a fish instead. 



And that he did. 



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