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6 in a row! SWEEP!



This Mariano gif is the perfect way to describe my emotions after these last two games. Oh, and this is another one of my doubleheader posts! Coming at ya! Why have one, when you can have two?

Double cheeseburgers. 2 for 1 deals on Frosted Flakes. Threesomes. Yes that requires three participants, Mr. Techincal, but we’re talking about you and TWO other people. But I’ll stop here because I’m going wayyy off-topic.

We swept those scrub Twins! I’m sorry Minnesota, but your baseball team just isn’t very good.

Let’s start off with Wednesday’s game. Sonny Gray. Come on…


In the words of Big Cat, you really need to figure it out. Sonny could not finish a full 5 innings and gave up 3 earned runs. Chad Green was called on and eventually got the dub in the stat sheet.

Sonny….we traded some damn good prospects for you, man. It’s time to get it going.

As of now, It is NOT Always Sonny in Yankee Stadium.


Besides that, all good stuff!!

Didi…..every blog post I write, I talk about Didi. Well, guess what? Didi hit another home run. Is anyone even surprised anymore? The man is a lunatic. A goddamn nut job. I don’t know if he made a deal with the Devil before this season, or maybe he’s drinking some of Michael Jordan’s ‘secret stuff’ concoction from Space Jam.

Whatever the reason is, I’ll take it. 4th straight game with a homer and still leading the League in RBIs. Pretty fuckin’ good.

Tyler “The Bully” Austin crushed a 3-run dinger not long after Didi’s. I love this kid’s ability and his grit. He’s a true bruiser, grinder, and a great asset to this team. He’s still out to prove that he deserves this spot over Greg “Derrick Rose” Bird. Just kidding, Greg.

I’m a fan of both of these bombers, so this is a great predicament to be in. Keep it up, Ty. Oh, and this tweet from last week is absolutely fantastic.


The bullpen held it down for the rest of this game and we won 7-4.

NOW, let’s shift to the craziness of yesterday! Honestly, it was not really crazy until the last inning.

Our bats were dead ALL game. I wasn’t totally shocked by this either – we’ve been mashing the living daylight out of baseballs recently, and we’re on a 5 game winning streak.

When we were down 3-1, I knew we had the ability to comeback and win. WE’RE THE YANKEES.

But it also just seemed like one of those lazy afternoon games where we are just tired, run-down, and mentally preparing for a Cali road trip.



3 run homer when we were down 3-1!! And just like that, WE GOT THE WIN.

Not to mention, it was the first walk-off dinger of Gary’s career. You cannot get more perfect than that! I’m very certain that we will see many more of these in the future for #24.

Now picture this…I work on the 6th floor of a company that has floors 5-7 of office space. I was busy with a deadline, but when I heard Stanton got on base, I sprinted away from my desk, down the stairs, across a wide area of desks and cubicles, to the TV in the 5th floor lobby.

I must have looked like a crazed lunatic to my 5th-floor co-workers. But I was galloping like a gazelle and I made it to the TV with about 20 seconds to spare before Gary crushed that ball.

That Gary home run was a thing of beauty and stole a seemingly easy win for the Twinkies. WE ALWAYS BEAT THEM! It’s so great.

Gar’ Bear. You damn teddy bear, you. You are the man. Jorge Posada was one of my favorite players growing up and having a true successor at the catcher position, is so awesome.

Other than that pandemonium, Monty gave us a typical Monty start (not too good, not too bad), German held things down besides 1 solo shot, and Betances got the dub after striking out the side in the top of the 9th.

All in all…boring game, but incredible ending!

It is just past 6 PM here on the East coast – it’s Friday, baby!

We are starting a big West Coast road trip tonight against the Angels and then we move onto that team from Texas who beat us in Game 7…I don’t even want to say their name. We’re coming for that World Series crown, though.

7 Huge games coming up! Sevy is on the bump tonight! Let’s keep the wins coming!


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