4-3 Win and a Sweep of Seattle: We keep on ROLLING!

Oh baby, we’re rolling and rolling. And rolling. And ROLLING.

We are now 50-22, which is good for the best record in baseball. We’ve won 4 in a row, 8 out of our last 10, and are 2 games ahead of the Red Sox in the AL East.

In other words, things are pretty damn good for the Yankees!



We scored all 4 of our runs in the first inning and then just coasted for the remainder of the game. We hung on for a 4-3 win, in one of those rare situations where you score all your runs and then throw it into cruise control.

After a single by Clint, THE MAN HIMSELF hit a 2 run shot! I’m talking about Mr. Aaron Judge, of course. What a guy, what a guy.


A casual 19 home runs for this guy. No big deal.

Speaking of guys who can hit 19 home runs, the Terminator came up to the plate next. And he CRUSHED a ball to straight away centerfield.

This thing looked more gone than Tiger Woods in his mugshot.


As I began to celebrate back-to-back homers, the fucking Seattle centerfield robbed him. Reached all the way over the fence and snatched it back into play.


Thanks, Erlich.

But yeah, I thought that shot by G was a no-doubter. It really sucked to see him have to walk back to the dugout after that one. You could tell he was riding high after his walk-off, and that he wanted to keep those vibes going.

Thankfully, we got to see a little more home run action this inning, after being prevented from seeing a Stanton bomb.



Jeez, this kid is a monster (He’s about 6 months younger than me, so yes, I can call him a kid).

I know how we always talk about how good that Gleyber is (he is unreal, if you didn’t know), but I feel like Miggy is given the short end of the stick. He’s an amazing talent and he’s having a hell of a rookie year. If he and Gleyber weren’t teammates, he’d be the focal point as the young rookie phenom.

He might get overshadowed, but goddamn this kid can mash the ball. He swings with such ferocity, like an angry old drunk guy trying to whack a golf ball off the tee.

The only difference is that Andújar’s ferocity has talent and, ya know, results. No offense to the drunk old guy golfing, but he probably sucks. He probably has a worse golf swing than Charles Barkely…


And THAT, is saying something. After the homers by Judge and Miggy, that concluded our scoring for the day. All of our runs in the 1st inning…I know, crazy right?

Very Un-Yankee Like.

We threatened a times throughout the later innings, but couldn’t get anything done.

And we still won despite getting a pretty average start out of Sevy. For all those guys hating on Sevy’s start, calm the fuck down. He’s not going to be on Ace level every single game. He’s not like the cheating Astros taking steroids and doctoring the balls.

Yeah, I’m calling you out, Verlander. And that douchebag, Charlie Morton. Fuck you, Charlie. Part of me wants to call out Corey Kluber for his 11 wins, but I’ll hold off on that, until any potential Indians’ allegations come out. We’ll see.

Speaking of 11 wins, Sevy joined Kluber in this exclusive 11 win club of 2018. Like I said, it wasn’t a great start for him – but he got the job done.

5.2 IP, 8 hits, 3 ER, 1 walk, 5 K’s…VERY unusual star for our boy. But it’s awesome to still be able to get the win on a day when Sevy is not his usual dominant self. Because I’ll ya this: I’m pretty damn sure that Sevy will be BALLING in his next start. You’ll see.

For a little while, I worried that we were going to have a reverse occurrence of the night before. In other words, I thought Seattle was going to chip away at our lead and come back to win.

But after Sevy left the game, our bullpen did their job. No surprise there. They have been fucking incredible lately.

Only D-Rob gave up a base hit. Betances and Chappie each walked one baserunner, but then took care of things fairly easily. And bing, bang, boom, we got a 4-3 dub.

…Who the hell says “bing, bang, boom“?! Sometimes I type out stupid and weird phrases and I don’t even know where they come from. Sorry about that, guys!

Anyways, this was a SWEEP! The Mariners came into town feeling good about themselves, thinking they were hot shit. Well sorry guys, but we had to put you back in your place. We couldn’t let you keep acting all cocky, it’s not a good quality to project.

Now we get to face off against those scrub Rays again, but this time it will be down in Tampa. Should be no problem. As long as our young guys don’t get tempted to check out some of the world famous strip clubs. I’m looking at you, Johnny Lasagna!

Totally kidding, just wanted to say a totally random player.

Let’s try for a road sweep now! Let’s get it!


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