10 runs and a Loss?! Damn.

What if I told you this Yankees team, this offensive juggernaut, scored 10 runs…and lost?! Crazy right. Ah shit, it actually happened

Yeah, Wednesday’s game was a wild one, to say the least. Our pitching was more off than James Harden in Game 5 last night (5/21 from FG range, 0/11 from 3’s yikes)…

How many times this year do you think we will score 10 runs and lose? If I was placing a bet, I’d say this is going to be one of the only times. Maybe the only.

I could see it possibly happening one more time, on some random day game in July… against like the Orioles or Blue Jays. Some division team like that, but not Boston.

Yes, that is my prediction. Lock it up. If, we score 10 runs and lose again this year, it will be some 1 PM game versus Baltimore or Toronto. LOCK


(I shall re-visit this post, if and when it happens).

I’m not going to write a very long post right now, for a couple of reasons. One, I was pretty pissed off that we blew this game.

After Judge launched that ball 471 fuckin’ feet, to go up 10-5, I thought this game was over. I was gonna stick a fork in these pesky Rangers, but they decided to start some playing some baseball. Shocking right?

Anyways, I do not want to go through this game too much, because it will just get me heated. I already went through that on Wednesday night and yesterday!

Secondly, it’s a new day (technically a second new day since this game, but who’s counting..), and we have a new series tonight!

We’re back at home, so it is time for a little home cooking! Ma’s got the tomato gravy nice and ready and it is time to boil some pasta! Meatballs are ready – I’m HUNGRY.

Whoops, sorry guys. A little personal anecdote from my Italian-American household.

But it feels good for the team to be back in the Bronx tonight

All good stuff this weekend. Greg “Please Don’t Get Hurt Again” Bird is back! And Ohtani is a fucking coward and a loser who doesn’t want to face us. Pulling a David Price and withdrawing from his Sunday start. Ridiculous.

Okay, so quick little recap of the last game in Texas, coming up!

DIDI! He’s back!! Hopefully…

He was 1 for 5, but that 1 hit was a home run – which was a welcome sight for sore eyes. This was my whole reaction when Sir Mariekson was rounding the bases… A nice little nod to good old Didi.


Really hope you’re back for real, Sir.

So Didi hit a homer, so did NEIL, because he is a goddamn slugger now. Romine added a RBI walk and a RBI single because he is also very locked in.

Austin and Neil have definitely been drinking some of Michael Jordan’s “Secret Stuff.” Only explanation.


I mentioned Judge’s mammoth shot, and then some kid named Torre hit a 3 run homer. Torre? Is he Joe’s grandson?

Ohh wait, it’s Torres?… Okay okay, I apologize for trying to be funny there. I’ll admit that was a very hit-or-miss joke (probably more miss), but I’m keeping it in!


I say the same damn thing every single day – I really do not know what to write about Gleyber Torres that has a little original flair to it. Gleyber, you have rendered me speechless. I applaud you for that, my friend, it is not an easy task.

Another 3 run homer…as I say, the kid is UNREAL.

Brian Cashman, we all love you. I did not think he was going to be this amazing as early as May. Don’t get me wrong, I was pumped up for his call-up. I just was trying to remain grounded and realistic.

I honestly thought he was going to join our team, have a few nice hits, but also struggle for a period of time.

I did not feel confident in him being 100% ready for the bigs. 21 year olds, usually don’t respond that well to The Show. Obviously, there are exceptions. Bryce Harper. Mike Trout. Now GLEYBER

Hand up for Johnny Pinstripes…I WAS WRONG. I’M SORRY. I’m only human, after all.


Gleyber keeps breaking and setting records because he is a phenom who doesn’t settle for anything less than greatness. Cannot wait to keep watching this kid.

(I’m only 2 years older than him, but yes, I feel the need to call him “kid”)

CC was BAD. So we’re Shreve and D-Rob. I don’t really want to dwell on this game anymore that I already did.

It was just a bad game, plain and simple. Our streak of 8 straight series wins has been snapped, as well. But, it’s all good.

This team is fucking great. Like I said above, there are almost NEVER going to be situations where we score 10 runs and then lose the ballgame. Let’s just chalk it up as a good old fashioned fluke

Note: Calling something a “fluke” is a perfect excuse for a lot of situations. Trust me.

Mom and Dad, I’m not going to fail another math test – it was just a fluke!” Take note, all you youngsters still in school. Jeez, why the hell did I say youngsters. I’m acting like I am a lot older, than I actually am…Alright, time to wrap this up!

Okay – the Angels! Let’s win this damn series! Sevy is on the bump to start us off and he sure is a welcome sight! Make it 8-1 Sevy, let’s get a nice dub!


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