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A Bullpen Day in the Trop? No surprise there. I guess we'll have to prepare for Sergio Ro - wait what? We're the ones using the 'Bullpen Day' strategy?  Whoa. In the words of Faux Jon Gruden, "this is blowing my mind, man." Look at Aaron Boone trying to masquerade as a clever manager, with a bunch of sneaky strategies. I guess Halloween comes early in the Boone household. Side note: Boone is for sure the loser house on the block that hands out something stupid like apples. Or granola bars. Or some weird little toy.  But for real, props...

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WOOO! Playoffs, baby. I know we're still trying to clinch home field advantage for the Wild Card Game. And yes, these next few days still have major implications. HOWEVER (Yes, Stephen A. Voice, you know the drill by now)   It is pretty difficult to not get pumped up about a walk off victory that clinches a playoff berth. I'll be honest, my blood was pumping after Didi slid into home plate and the celebration began. I was prepared to start running around New York just out of pure adrenaline. Good thing too, because I was already late to go...

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We beat the Red Sox! And Judge was back in the lineup! And Neil Walker provided the power to give us the W! Of course, it wasn't easy - No surprise there. For this entire season, it seems that we can never make things easy for ourselves. ESPECIALLY against Boston.  I'm going to be honest with you, after those two failed double play attempts, I started having flashbacks to when the Red Sox swept us in 4 games. Just like Frank Costanza  Last night had the possibility to be pretty damn identical to that Sunday night collapse with Chappie on...

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In Cash we Trust! Cash-god! The Cash-MAN! via GIPHY Brian Cashman has been long considered one of the best General Managers in the game of baseball if not all of sports. What he has been able to do over the last few years for the Yankees organization has been nothing short of impressive. The mini “rebuild” in the span of 2 trade deadlines has catapulted the organization out of the “sign all the best free agents in their 30’s and have the highest payroll every year” to actually developing and promoting from within and having one of the youngest, deepest...

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In case you're a little confused by my title, Coffeeland = Seattle. But you guys should get that reference, right? Ya know, Starbucks? Founded in Seattle...former home of the Seattle that drafted Kevin Durant...Kevin Durant hates on "blog boys" like me and he also has a bunch of burner accounts... Huh? How the hell did I start talking about Kevin Durant in the beginning of a Yankees recap? Honestly, I'm not so sure, and, frankly, I'm a little confused.  Those 60 seconds ago feel like an absolute blur. And I promise, I am 100% sober right now. Anyways, we...

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