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SWEEEEEEEP! Take out the broomsticks, Mrs. Doubtfire, because Chicago needs a little cleaning up right now! Yeah, yeah, I know it's the White Sox. Doesn't matter - a sweep is still a sweep.  AND, after that trainwreck of a series in Boston, we needed this big time.  It's like your girlfriend breaks up with you 4 straight days in a row...hey, it could happen, don't call me crazy.  IF, your girlfriend breaks up with you four days in a row, your best bet to move on is by going on three different dates, with three different girls, all in a...

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Wow. It has been a busy last couple of days in the world of Johnny Pinstripes. I’m sitting here on Tuesday about to bang out 3 recaps from this Royals series. A series that was supposed to be EXTREMELY easy. Instead, my favorite player got hurt, Sevy continued to scrub it up, and a team with a [current] .305 winning percentage gave us A LOT of trouble. Friday night’s game got rained out because, “what else is new?” At this point in the season, Yankee rain outs are almost as common as Judge/Stanton homers. Or smiles by Didi. Or Gardy...

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Very interesting start to the final series before the All-Star Break. We’re facing off against a team we know all too well. Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn’s Cleveland Indians. AKA the team’s who hearts and souls we crushed last year, coming back from being down 2-0 in the ALDS. It’s a good thing that Rick […]

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