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Great game. Great game all around. We had a nice win. We hit a lot homers. I had a nice IPA buzz on for the majority of the game.   Perfect night for some Yankee baseball pic.twitter.com/CO9E5hmzTf — Johnny Pinstripes (@JohnFerraro_) August 9, 2018    I tried bacon on a stick for the first time - only 6 bucks at the Stadium...I thought it would be ALOT more. Good day all around! And, I didn't catch JA Happ's "hand, foot, and mouth disease" from the stands!...hopefully. All in all though, in his second Yankee start, Happ was solid again. Not...

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I am dead from that game.  BUT, even in my dead state, I still have a job to do. I still have to recap these games, no matter how much it sucks. And here we go. We have arrived at the game that fucking destroyed me inside. Like I said at the beginning of the Game 2 recap, I started writing all of these at 2 AM on Sunday night/Monday morning. I drank some beers, paced around my apartment, and was incapable of sleeping till almost 5 AM. This loss had me SHOOK. No joke. I had a pretty busy...

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Quick little 2 game set against the scrub Orioles, before heading into Boston – big time series starting tonight. Yesterday morning I was riding high from Tanaka’s great performance the day before. Then my natural “high on life” mentality was ruined by the frustrating loss to this fucking last place team. BUT, I’ll cover that in the next recap. First, let’s recap the fun game! Good Tanaka is BACK. #TanakaTuesday is BACK. Fresh off his complete game shutout, Masa added another shutout performance – albeit, only 6 innings this time: 6 IP, 3 hits, 0 runs, 2 walks, 8 K’s....

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