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BEATDOWN. Complete and utter destruction was handed out to the Boston Red Sox. 10-1 win. It was a smackdown. A domination. A shellacking, if you will. "Shellacking" is such an interesting phrase. It sounds like it should be a Pokemon or something along those lines. But I digress... I was in attendance for what is, most likely, going to be my last Yankees regular season came of 2018. And what a game to attend!   I am here!!! Let's go YANKS‼️‼️ pic.twitter.com/OVhX39NaXM — Johnny Pinstripes (@JohnFerraro_) September 19, 2018     Now, if we hold off Oakland in the Wild...

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Jeez. What a tease. This game gave us all the ultimate "blue balls." For any of you youngsters out there, who have no idea what I'm talking about... Go ask your parents what "blue balls" means. Or Google it. The Internet has all the answers, after all.  Don't ask me. Forget I mentioned it! (Side note: This gif was actually perfect to use, because I saw Donald Glover/Childish Gambino perform at the Garden after this game and he was INCREDIBLE. Amazing concert.) Anyways, this game really was a fucking tease - so goddamn annoying. We were down 8-1 and looked...

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Interesting game last night... For the first 5 innings, I kept having a really bad feeling, like we were going to royally fuck the game up in some grand fashion.  See:  This game has a weird vibe to it. I don't like it — Johnny Pinstripes (@JohnFerraro_) September 11, 2018 I was physically bracing myself for the possibility of a fuck-up, holding my TV remote, preparing to switch to the Monday Night Football games if things got ugly (okay, yes I was flipping to those games during Yankee commercials, sue me). Contrary to my usually stellar intuition, that sense of doom...

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Ehhh. That's the best way for me to describe this game. I was pretty indifferent about all of it. In my opinion, it just had that vibe to it that it wasn't going to work out for us.  While the game was tied for most of the afternoon, I just had a feeling of some impending doom.  It's kind of like when I pour recently-spoiled into my cereal. It's not fully spoiled yet, so it's difficult to tell if it actually is. After a few bites of cereal, though, I start to sense something is wrong. But, I carry on until...

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After that extremely frustrating loss on Thursday, which made me want to bodycheck a DJ (if you're new to these recaps, you must be confused), we needed a big win on Friday night. There were good vibes heading into this game, with the reports officially confirmed about Andrew McCutchen heading into the Bronx. Sadly, my initial hopes for him to be in the lineup proved to not become a reality.  I literally was checking Twitter on Friday constantly, waiting to see a nice airplane tweet about Cutch arriving at LaGuardia or JFK. After all, the first reports of him being traded were...

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