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SHEESH. What a bizarre game. Going into the 9th tied 1-1, we all had no idea what we were going to witness going forward. Talk about a wide range of emotions: personally, I was scared and depressed when the Marlins had the bases loaded TWICE, I was angry and wanted to freak the fuck out on Boone for some questionable pitching changes, wanted to cry when Chappie left the game, and did a nice little happy dance with beer in hand when we finally got the dub. That's what I call a rollercoaster.  But, let's shift back to early in...

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Wow. 2 blowout wins in as many days. Our squad is finally starting to spoil us with some enjoyable games! Not the usual, heart-wrenching, tear jerking, alcoholism-causing games that they have been churning out lately.  It's nice to have an easy casual Sunday beatdown. That is the ultimate way to fight off the Sunday Scaries. Am I right?  Before heading back into your office on Monday and fighting back the urge to absolutely murk your douchebag co-worker. But I digress.... JA Happ has now started 4 games for us. He has won all 4. Whoa. All this guy does is win....

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