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The Wild Card game is coming (barring something happening that I'm not even going to say but kinda just said). People have been having the conversation for a month now. Some crazy folk have been having it for a couple months. It's all anyone can talk about.    I've been dodging the conversation for a while but now it's time to give my full thoughts.    The pros and cons of each starting pitcher getting the ball in the wild-card game. Here we go...   Tanaka Pros: He's been our best pitcher since the all-star break. His sinker, when right, is a big...

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A lot of people are going to read this headline and respond, "creaked open? It's fucking blasted off dude! He needs to go NOW!" I get it. I get that last weekend was the most frustrating, demoralizing and pathetic weekend of Yankees baseball we have seen in a while. It included bad pitching, zero hitting but worst of all, it included bad bullpen moves and really dumb lineup cards.  We talked all about Boone and his decisions on today's episode of the podcast. Here's where I stand on the man right now.       Later on, in the episode,...

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