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Classic Boone. Classic Fucking Aaron Boone. I've been saying the same type of thing all year... I'm not trying to hate on the guy, but if we win the World Series this year, it would be despite our manager and his decisions. I truly think he isn't cut out to be the Yankees manager. Anyone could manage this team to 95-100 wins. Our team is STACKED. Girardi could have done it. Easily. Even a notoriously shitty MLB manager (think Bobby Valentine) could have probably done it. A bottle of ketchup definitely could have done it. A bag of potato chips? No question....

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That game sucked. Getting 10 runs scored on us by a team 12 games below .500? That really sucks... To be fair, I should have been bracing myself for a night like this, the second that it was announced for Sonny Gray to get another 'spot start.' Nevertheless, the eternal optimist in me tried to instill a false sense of confidence. "Sonny has been turning things around. He can handle a horrible team like the Twins! Besides, I like this lineup that Boone is putting out there" All of these thoughts were racing through my head until game time, before the...

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I'm one of the guys that's all about staying positive around here. The Yankees are a fun, young team that is built to win both now and in the future. They've had an amazing year, really. Their biggest problem this season remains that they play in the same division as the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees are still on pace for about 101 wins. That’s awesome. With that having been said, they no longer have the “second best record in baseball” thing going for them (Houston has surpassed them and is absolutely rolling right now) and I am officially nervous...

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Interesting game last night... For the first 5 innings, I kept having a really bad feeling, like we were going to royally fuck the game up in some grand fashion.  See:  This game has a weird vibe to it. I don't like it — Johnny Pinstripes (@JohnFerraro_) September 11, 2018 I was physically bracing myself for the possibility of a fuck-up, holding my TV remote, preparing to switch to the Monday Night Football games if things got ugly (okay, yes I was flipping to those games during Yankee commercials, sue me). Contrary to my usually stellar intuition, that sense of doom...

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Holy shit.  What a stupid, annoying, horrible, frustrating, infuriating, aggravating, depressing, awful, and dreadful loss. Was that enough adjectives? I can try and add some more if you would like?  You're good? Okay. But, wow, this was a tough one to watch.  I want to run through this recap even faster than some other losses. So, let's try that huh? Sevy and Gary were so out of sync, call them the anti-Justin Timberlake boy band. There ya go! I just threw a nice Rovell/Greeny joke out to you guys - even in my period of immense sadness and frustration. That...

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