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Great win to finish out the series! 7-2 victory. We won the series against Texas 3 games to 1, and have now won 6 of our last 7. And I know what you're going to say: "It was the White Sox and the Rangers, we're supposed to beat them" EXACTLY! We were supposed to beat them and we did - why get upset? Yes, I know that we didn't make up any ground against Boston, but that is not in our control.  Let's focus on the positives! Wow...I'm sounding way more upbeat and optimistic than I normally do about the...

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CC, giancarlo, johnny pinstripes, sonny gray, Yankees -

Sup guys. It's me. Sorry for the super late recap today - it was a really busy day at the office. But, no worries. Jeez. That was an up and down game if I've ever seen one. A real rollercoaster huh? I experienced basically every emotion in the book during that game. It was like watching The Bachelor and The Notebook combined...or so I've heard. This would be the part where I would joke and act like I haven't see either of those, but I actually haven't.  Or have I... (I really haven't. There would be no point for me to lie to...

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