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We all know last night’s game sucked. I’m not going to talk about that. Instead, allow me to be a little more conspiratorial. By now, you’ve probably heard Luis Severino did not start warming up in the bullpen until 8 minutes before the start of the game. That is VERY unusual. As John Flaherty pointed out in the YES postgame, pitchers begin their warmups about 30 minutes prior to games. So what happened? I’ll tell you… Luis Severino and Gary Sanchez thought the game started at 8. Many are hypothesizing this, but no one seems to have made a connection...

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A lot of people are going to read this headline and respond, "creaked open? It's fucking blasted off dude! He needs to go NOW!" I get it. I get that last weekend was the most frustrating, demoralizing and pathetic weekend of Yankees baseball we have seen in a while. It included bad pitching, zero hitting but worst of all, it included bad bullpen moves and really dumb lineup cards.  We talked all about Boone and his decisions on today's episode of the podcast. Here's where I stand on the man right now.       Later on, in the episode,...

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