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This was one of those annoying games where you're beating the shit out a team, but then cannot put them away in the end.  They just kept popping up again. Like Brett Favre and his one million retirements. Or Steve Urkel barging into his neighbor's house. These stupid Orioles wouldn't go away on Friday night.  We we're up 6-0...they made it 6-4. We extended that lead to 9-4...they made it 9-8. Finally we held their scoring after that, but it was still extremely annoying to keep letting the worst team in the league, record-wise, back into the ballgame.  At least...

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Awesome win on Friday night... (Spoiler Alert): It turned out to be the only enjoyable game of the weekend. From a strictly selfish perspective, I was pretty happy to be able to celebrate a Yankee win on my 24th birthday.  For any of you that are curious about how my birthday/Friday night were, let's just say...hmm, how do I phrase this? Basically, I spent the majority of Saturday laying in bed, clutching a water jug like I was cuddling a girl (yeah, I like cuddling sometimes, sue me), and contemplating my entire life's choices. Note: My hungover mornings/afternoons usually cause me...

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NOTE FROM ME, JOHNNY *This is a happy recap...the next recap? Ehh, not so much. That is all.* Wow. What a game. Emotions were front and center during this one. And I HATE emotions.  Maybe that's the reason I've subconsciously sabotaged every meaningful relationship I've had. I'm sorry, Brittney, Lindsay, and Sarah...(psst, I made those names up..or did I?).  But for real, this game SUCKED for the first 6 innings. JA "Peanut Butter" Happ was pitching an absolute gem. For those of you new to these recaps, I started to refer to Happ as "peanut butter" because he is dependable and...

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Clint Frazier will officially miss the remainder of the 2018 season due to his continued suffering of post-concussion symptoms. The 24-year-old (today is his birthday-- oof!) has had one of the most frustrating seasons I could imagine after suffering a concussion in spring training. Clint hit his head making a nice play in spring training that caused him to miss a lot of time. When he was finally healthy, he was blocked at the MLB level. He suffered from post-concussion symptoms, causing him to miss time again. It’s really sucked. He had two major chances to earn playing time this...

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This game was a mess. For real though.  We kept it close early on - but then, the Tigers offense did something it usually NEVER does. They scored a lot of runs. Hm. Go figure. Twice we tried to come back, only for nothing to really amount from our rallies. All in all, just a frustrating end to this series against a scrub team. My classic response to an infuriating loss? You know it by now. Run through the recap as quickly as possible, bury this loss deep down in my memories, and never bring it up again. Cool? Cool. It...

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